Seethe Monthly Soundcloud page

March 5th, 2013

Seethe is a monthly electronic music night curated by Walrii of Dank Morass that saw its 2nd installment last week.

SEETHE 2 was headlined by local hardware technician and tape prodigy Dust Storm Jogger, who performed on 2 x Roland SP-606 and a Yamaha CS-10. Other artists on the bill included Weakling (Ender), Science Project (Dub Temple), Voodoo Dred ( Dub Temple), Provis (Dub Temple).

Stream/download a round up of the sets on the SEETHE MONTHLY Soundcloud page as well as Monologue’s epic set (featuring 130 tracks) and Dust Storm Jogger’s performance. The soundcloud page will be regularly updated with recordings from Seethe and mixes by the artists who perform.


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Voodoo Dred – Remixes (The Gold EP)

December 23rd, 2011

Here it is, the remixes of the mighty Voodoo Dred EP that dropped a few months back on Dub Temple Records. Boasting re-outerpretations from some of the finest upcoming artists from Brisbane and related regions, including Dank Morass’ Walrii and Christchurch based wizard, Epoch who is currently collaborating with Hyperdub’s LV and vocalist, Joshua Idehen.


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Voodoo Science One (DTR011)

November 9th, 2011


Collaborative EP from Science Project, Hope One and Voodoo Dred. Dubby tribal jazz with bass. Get on it.



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Voodoo Dred EP (Dub Temple)

September 2nd, 2011











Music by Vee Jay aka Voodoo Dred
Artwork by Warren Handley


We here at the Morass, having followed the merging of hip hop and electronic music for many years, are extremely excited to see this EP released in a world where so much music lacks a lasting resonance. The Voodoo Dred EP is deeply personal and conceptual, put together with spirituality, soul and intelligence.

Born in Mexico City to Haitian parents, VOODOO DRED a.k.a. Vadim Juste-Constant moved to Australia when only 3. Music was a major part of his family life, his father being a well renowned touring singer throughout Haiti and Mexico. Mainly growing up in Sydney, Brisbane and later Darwin, all impacting on the developing artist VOODOO DRED. In 2007, he arrived in Melbourne, looking for a new channel for his compelling/dynamic love for music. He has been touring as a diverse artist since 2000 not only as VOODOO DRED but as an MC/singer and musician playing instruments from drums, guitar, bass and percussion in bands such as Culture Connect and Gorilla Step with DJ Dexter.

“The concept of what I want to create is to continue the west African tradition of a Griot but in an urban, contemporary sense. Going back to traditional African beats and translating them into a hip hop context, I believe traditional African drumming is the original “trance” music because back in the day they would play these rhythms for days on end and literally get into a trance.” – VJ

Damn DT you’ve done it again…

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