Walrii’s top10 beats of 08 to make you and your walrus bounce…

December 21st, 2008


2008 was certainly a land mark year in electronic music. it saw undreamt of electronic sounds sprouting all over the globe, and all of it being absorbed into a forever swirling sub-gumbo heated by this increasingly uni-cultured, post-pacman, internet age.

I have compiled a list of my top 10 beats of 2008. ive probably left some shit out but all of this is dope…

harmonic 313 – cyclotron (warp)

i think this beat is officially getting released on pritchards album early next year on warp. i first heard it on the harmonic mix on mary anne hobbs. Techno/BassHipHop done to perfection. A sureshot dancefloor slammer.

clark – violenl (warp)

Released on the rewarding Turning Dragon LP early this year. Clark has beautifully concise sound but hes got the dancefloor locked for sure. this is a fine example.

zomby – strange fruit (ramp)

Brilliant dancefloor material on one of the finest new labels, ramp recordings. Zomby is absolutely killing it right now as he leads a revival of early ninties rave through dubstep. But he still remains a nintendo warrior, and classical 8bit arpeggiation runs rife on this beat. next level.

king midas sound – cool out (fly lo remix) (HPB)

One of the more recent 12’s, released on the ever so consistent bass imprint, Hyperdub. Sloppy, live sounding and broken, the haunting vocals resonate with overriding dub stylings. Futurebeats at their finest.

flying lotus – roberta flack feat dolly (martyn rmx) (warp)

Beautiful, 2steppy remix by a tasteful producer. Deep sub-bass and a chugging rhythm accompanied by ahu’s subtle ambient vocals. Release on the 2×3 lotus ep, with the stunning mike slott remix of the same track.

rustie – zig zag (wireblock)

Vinyl only limited press single sided lazer etched fire. Amazing halftime/doubletime baltimore/electro arpeggiated ravemusic. aquacrunk done by a master, live pad drums and bubbling bleeps. need i say more?

hudson mohawke – star crackout (all city)

This is a stunning piece of electronic music. clipped vocals skip their way through a twisted pop melody, emerging from a swarm of digital crackle, which strips back to unleash fleeting moments of improvised brilliance. Ill shit.

samiyam – return (HPB)

A soulful producer for sure. Raw as fuck, melodic dancefloor hiphop done in realtime. Sureshot.

Joker – Gully Brook Lane (kapsize)

Deep, razor sharp dubstep tempo stuff. Its slouched beat is certainly phat and likely to bounce any large mammal.

Free The Robots – Unknown

This beat was released on a limited compilation done by stussy and turntable lab. Really sick organic psychedelic hiphop. fast, chopped up and soulful. a sound in and of itself. really great music.

much love to you all!


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swob’s personalized plates of 2008

December 19th, 2008

what up?!

so many dope tunes of real high quality were released across a spectrum of musical stylings in 2008. a top ten you say? i had to narrow it down to my favourite ten dubstep plates of wax that i bought and played out at parties over the year – straight off the top of my dome. mad respect to everyone who came to a morass show in 08!

ten dubstep plates that rocked swob’s shack in 2008

lone wolf – zombies (nozl)
i love dark beats and i make no excuses for it. no shit, this tune from lone wolf is pure evil manifest as bass frequencies. one of the scariest records i put on my turntable in 2008! um…

end.user – interruption 4 (hymen)
chopped-up yet still really beautiful dubstep tune taken from the incredible ‘left’ lp which really impressed me this year

taz buckfaster – quack (ramp)
crazy synth work, huge beats and no one makes a dancefloor bassline like taz – my only gripe is he needs to release more dammit!

zomby – spliff dub rustie remix (hyperdub)
certified heater that got well-rinsed this year and i still can’t get enough

king cannibal – flower of flesh and blood (ninja tune)
super snare! i can’t tell u how much i’m anticipating the king cannibal lp in 2009

starkey – marsh (planet mu)
moody, understated biz from the Philly beatsmith’s wikkid lp – dying to see him in the flesh

western synthetics – 80808 (subcontinental dub)
this is the first piece of all-australian dubstep wax that i just absolutely had to get. all the cuts are dope but the vibe of this tune complete with the subtle guitar is awesome

the bug – ganja (ninja tune)
post-apocalyptic, pro-weed, thunder-stormin bass romp

cakebuilder – mohyla (ad noiseam)
excision along with a few other cats have really put canada on the dubstep map, but i was hella surprised to hear these ominous beats coming out of Winnipeg

portishead – strangers vaccine remix (white)
i love portishead and their new album was one of a heap of non-dubstep highlights for me this year, but vaccine’s re-edit of this tune from their first lp is ill and goes down a treat in the dance. big up christine for sending it out in the post!

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danck’s stickiest conserves of 2008

December 17th, 2008

Ten 2008-vintage jams that got plenty toast.

flying lotus ft gaslamp killer – GNGBNG (warp): Forced to pick a highlight from Los Angeles, I’m swayed by overexposure to GLK’s I Spit On Your Grave mix.

john robinson – don king (fat city) – Two dope EPs with instrumentals to boot – pick a cut at random. The storytelling on “Don King” gets extra props.

ital tek
– archaic (planet mu) – I’m sure the rest of Mary-Anne Hobbs’ Evangeline compilation is incredible, but I never listened past the sublimely minimal tech hop of track one.

– 44 gallons (elefant traks) – Threads is the Sydney duo’s most nuanced album to date, and while there may not be anything as immediate as “Alter Ego” from their last EP, this one shows their production chops are only getting slicker.

& joker – play doe (kapsize) – Glasgow (G) + Bristol (B) = Fiyah (F).

– return of the mack (unreleased) – Instant dancefloor gratification. Not ashamed either.

ghislain poirier
– no more blood ft face-t – megasoid remix (ninja tune) – Party joints with a positive message – so necessary in the 08.

– chiffre (audiac) – Slick little picture 7″ that I stumbled across in the local. Proper dusty Duetschland styles. More please?

– twitch jamie vex’d mix (hotflush) –  Is this wonky?

ft dandelion – cctv (hyperdub) – Another stroke of HDB genius. Another song for the times.

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