Walrii on Melbourne’s PBS radio @ The Beat Delivery

March 5th, 2013


While in Melbourne for DTR’s House of Shaolin’s tour a few weeks ago, Walrii linked with the reputable future bass show “The Beat Delivery” on PBS 106.7FM to record a Dub Temple showcase mix.

The DT showcase and and interview with Walrii was aired on PBS 106.7FM last Saturday night at midnight. Big up to Rebecca Florence and Tony Black for the hook up.

You can stream the recording HERE. DT Interview and mix with Walrii starts at 69:00.


Walrii @ The Beat Delivery – DTR Showcase Mix 2013


Voodoo Dred – Mothership
Voodoo Dred – Child Soldiers (Epoch’s Kalashnikov Remix)
Grimes – Eastwood
Sauce – Lignum Drop
Heaprize – Fudge Kebab
Rufio – Master Plan (Ru Remix)
kⓘяvy – StraightbubblE
Bunda – Butter
8man – Africa
Winters – Slip Away
Green Nose – Parking Ticket
Star Safari – Rawgustus Pablotec
Monk – Bak Pon De Wall
Walrii – Paptz
Provis – On a Whim
Walrii – Weaver (feat. Rift of Speaker Wrath)
Speaker Wrath – Uptown Grief
Samedi Sound System – The Battle for Europa
Rift – Yards
Walrii – Rocel (Take 2)

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