Bookery Cook Banquet for the Brainfeeder Massive

January 11th, 2012

An evening with The Bookery Cook: Brainfeeder Banquet from Bookery Cook on Vimeo.

Just before the Dank Morass event featuring Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer and Hermitude early last year, our good friends from the art and food collective Bookery Cook cooked up a big middle-eastern feed for our artists!

Check this video depicting the dinner, event and after-party. A great reminder of a great night. Footage courtesy of Megan Cullen.

Read the full story HERE @ Bookery Cook’s brand new website!


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Brisbane: Rise Up! (part one)

May 11th, 2010

Lately its been hard not to notice some serious bass rumblings going on right in our own backyard. There is some mad talent bubbling away in Brisbane right now. Here are a couple of local highlights. More to come…

I wanna give a belated kudos¬† to the Science Project lads on the release of their Alchemystic EP a month or two back. Personally, I’ve been really digging the cheeky vibe of ‘Jelly Momster’ and the rawness of ‘Mind Control’. You can purchase it here via iTunes.

If you haven’t already, be sure to wrap your ears around ‘Fly This‘ – a recently posted track by Erther. We have had the pleasue of having him DJ at numeous Dank Morass parties over the past few years, including the recent Kryptic Minds gig. Definitely looking forward to more beats from Erther’s chamber.

For those who like a litle prose with their beats, Brisbane has definitely got its blog on as well…

Mongo’s Mixtape Mansion – run by Mongo who used to DJ regularly at Rude Bwoyz parties. Links to some eclectic mixes.

Pseudointellectual Obsevations – run by Funkedub who played at the Starkey gig last year. Nice little Dr Who piece!

Gidgette Preaches – run by Gidgette who played at last year’s Flying Lotus gig. Super interesting pieces on literature and the arts.

Bookery Cook – run by Jess, Georgie and Max who are close friends of the Morass. Mixing the worlds of delicious recipes and art.

Big up,

count swob-ula.

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