Klaar – Remote EP

January 12th, 2012

Good friend of the Morass, Joe Shakespeare , originally from the Innasekt dubstep outfit alongside Sully known as Sneer. He has since shifted his sounds and started a couple of solo projects, Shankles and Klaar. Following the dopeasfuck Gully Foil EP, Joe comes through with a fresh release from his darker, witchhousey alias Klaar, called the Remote EP. Working in collaboration with english vocalist Catgut, haunting pop aesthetics run through this solid EP.

You can cop it for free at Joe’s blog. RESPECT – http://thisisharmitage.blogspot.com/

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Jus like Oscillations

April 21st, 2010

Dear all,

A friend of mine and my good mate, ATLASt’s brother, Gav, runs a blog and record label called Jus Like Music. Up until several months ago, he lived in Brisbane, not too far from my folks house actually. It was a pleasure to see Gav at a Dank Morass party when he rocked up for Starkey last year (Pics). He is now living in London (i think) and making connects with cats like Mr. Beatnick and Giles Peterson.

Jus’ Like Music specialises in promoting underground neo-soul, nu-jazz, hip-hop, electronica and pretty much any under-appreciated quality music. His ethos is very noble as each and every week he is showing love to new, soulful artists and record labels from across the world through interviews, reviews and downloads. Gav’s Jus Like Music PODCAST is always a veritable gold mine of dope musics.

JLM’s latest brainchild, and the second free release of the record label (after this BUG Release), is something to check for real. Collaborating with another blog called Apple Juice Break, OSCILLATIONS is a collection of beats from predominantly unsigned and a few signed producers from acoss the globe. Bedroom beatmakers pushing the post-dilla sound run riot on Oscillations.

The compilation includes cats like Om Unit (2Tall’s alias), who recently released one phat 7″ on All City Records, a month or so back. Look out for his EP forthcoming on Plasticman’s Terrorrhythm Records. Check a tune from it HERE.

A Brixtonite lad, Slugabed, also features on Oscillations. Slugabed has held my attention since he was kind enough to send me a sick beat tape a couple of years back. Slugabed pushes heavy dance-floor mess which is a pastiche of recognizable references to electro, Hip-Hop, dubstep, garage and ambient, thrown in a blender and laid out in next level arrangement. Sound-system music for sure, for sure. Check his new EP on Planet Mu HERE.

Signed beat making cats are peppered through out Oscillations, however unsigned beatheads run the show. In fact, a friend of mine Elroy 4.0 (Ross) and brother of Lone Pariah of the mighty White Rhino crew gets his beat Nemo’s Shimmery New Coat on here. Elroy 4.0 is one to check. Each time i hear his latest beat, he is putting his mind to new styles and refining his distinct sound. He creates sci-fi dance-floor material of immense impact…. Give him some love on triple J unearthed.

OSCILLATIONS – 40 beats spanning two Volumes – All for FREE!!

Yes thats right, the first of Just Like Music Record’s releases is %100 free download for the peoples. Select your file quality and enjoy the music and artwork and press release PDF included in the download.

Click the cover art to DL.


Part 1 Tracklisting:

01. Broken Haze – Block
02. Om Unit – Neptune
03. Chairman Kato – No Coincidence
04. Vital – Gaffer Tape
05. T.Hemingway – Dirty
06. le N?KO – Crushed Universes
07. Decepticon Bootleg Machine – Orbit162
08. Lunice – Perpetual Leisure
09. Invisible Inc – Paradise
10. Paper Tiger – Good Feelings feat. Sabira Jade
11. Ocuban – Favela feat. Kit
12. Cohoba – Caltri
13. Dza – Shifty
14. East Winston Lake – Indigo’s Wah Wah (prod. Akello Light)
15. Grillo – Fronting The Weekend
16. Bluntspeakers – 1000 Miles
17. Sampology – Mamaye
18. Dipak Chand – Nurse, Hello
19. BUG – Indica
20. Jesse Futerman – I Love You So


01. XLII – Roll Upon You Like XLII
02. Slugabed – Power Of The Mind
03. Alex B – Murked
04. Greymatter – Too Much
05. Elroy 4.0 – Nemo’s New Shimmery Coat
06. 00Genesis – Dew
07. Constrobuz – Listen Close
08. Mr Beatnick – Plastic Memory
09. ANGO – Hep, Hep
10. Suzi Analogue + Stalley – Gate 28 (Analogue Radiowave Edit)
11. Kidkanevil – Zo0o0o0p!!! feat. Oddisee
12. Flick Brown – It Be Called N.C. feat. Akello Light
13. Cazeaux O.S.L.O. – Negro-Orgen
14. Piff Herrera – Windpipe
15. Debilorithmicos – Devil’s Hand feat. Racecar & Sarah G
16. 8Bitch – In The Moog For Love
17. Ghost – CIA
18. Stevo – untitled971
19. Inko – Komet Kameratene
20. Beatcasso – Untitled 48590
21. S.maharba – M/L/M/H

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