Ender and Dub Temple Records release free compilations

May 20th, 2011

Some local fire has been circulating lately with 2 compilations being released within the last month. Dub Temple, started by Morass affiliates Science Project and Ender Records championed by Herts, have both blessed us with this local heat in the form two tasty compilations both of which feature Dank Morass’ own Walrii on original productions.

Click cover art to download the comps.

Firstly, Dub Temple is conceptualising the roots of remix culture in a series of beat tapes that pay tribute to the greats of Jamaican music. The first beat tape is comprised of local, national and international beat makers who make their own interpretations of Bob Marley’s back catalogue, the man who brought reggae to the world. The Bob Marley Beat Tape features such a variety of broken rhythms and bass illustrating not only the potentials in the art of remix but also the depth of talent amongst local producers in Brisbane and their affiliates. Big up to The Temple!

The 2nd compilation is brought to the masses by the Ender records camp… This is a promo that shows the great music from the label and its bright future. A collection of dubstep, breakcore, 909-electro-bass, hip hop and atmospheric experimentation. Check it out!

Science Project live at Bar Soma supporting Mount Kimbie…

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Subdetritus ~ march 2011

April 9th, 2011

This month in Subdetritus we hold a lantern up to one of the most promising young labels to spew forth from the heady bass brew slowly bubbling away in Brisbane – Ender Records. Founded by John English (aka Herts), the label has become home to a grip of young underground beat makers from Queensland and beyond. “I have been trying to get a label going for about 2 years now,” English explains. “With two failed ventures behind me, I decided to just do it on my own. It seems to be working well so far! I just want the world to hear the amazing music that is coming out of our region, and also further cement Australia as a serious global contender in the beat scene.”

So far the label has released the incredible Laser Storm EP by Brisbane-based Elroy 4.0, a free Christmas compilation last December that featured fifteen beats from the entire Ender family and an impressive 3-track release from Total Stranger called Burning Sockets – all of which are available from the Ender Bandcamp site.  For English, its not just about getting this music released but to give the acts on Ender everything they need to move to the next level. “The end goal would be to have successful releases that lead to global tours for all our artists, and encompassing management, distribution and publishing,” he says. “Another goal is to expand the label to represent not only musicians but all media artists, releasing video and other new media content.”

Ender Records is sitting on some pretty exciting future releases. Keep a weathered eye on the horizon for new bits from New Zealand-based producers Epoch and Lefty. Also in the pipeline are releases from Australian producers Pedestrian and the follow-up from Total Stranger that has been described by English as “kind of like taking ketamine at a school disco.” A video for the new Total Stranger tune ‘State Of Mind’ is up now on the Ender website (see above). The big one that many people in the local scene are waiting for is the debut album from PuzahkiFlex Capacitor.  No less than eight free mix tapes from this prolific beat maker will precede the official album release that has been almost four years in the making. Stay tuned to the Ender website or Facebook group for more info on these releases and further information about this new guard of bass alchemists.


– Brad Swob

(orginally published in 3D World)

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Blue Moonjuice

June 15th, 2010

And another Dank Side of the Moon Exclusive… This time from the man behind Amecca Records, Herts Solvent. Amecca is sitting on a gold mine of local and international yet-to-be signed beats makers of all kinds. Herts, along his trusty cohort Duble E, are setting up a foundation for the release of numerous talented artists yet to have their heat heard.

Check this mix out for some beats from the label, and a selection from Herts’ own crate. Dirty Beats and then some. Big up John on this one. Enjoy.

See you in front of the bass bins…

Moonjuice mixed by Herts Solvent



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May 26th, 2010

After the mayhem of Gaslamp Killer’s recent Brisbane appearance, Dank Morass are positively oscillating and ready to announce our next party featuring an all local line up of Brisbane bass producers and DJs, with live visuals courtesy of Dank Morass’ projection wizards Archie Lancaster & ATLASt (big up on the flyer). Dank Side Of The Moon will bring together the cosmic sounds from some of our regulars as well as a few fresh faces to the Morass.

Science Project (aka 8man and Grimes) have been hard at work in the lab concocting, in their words, a “futuristic exploration of moods and rhythms of bass-heavy proportions”. This all culminated a few months ago with the release of their new EP Alchemystic – available now on iTunes through Dub Tempo. Science Project’s live show has rocked several Dank Morass and Scuba Tank parties to date including warming up for Starkey and more recently, Gaslamp Killer. Science Project will be bringing their electrified dubstep and bass explorations to life with a drum kit, an MPC, effects, and a set of 1s and 2s in celebration of the release of their EP.

Also on the line-up is Herts, the founder of brand new bass label Amecca Records, which has forthcoming releases from local and international producers such as Elroy 4.0, Shankles and Puzakhi. Herts will be pushing marinara deep beats from across the global spectrum of rhythms.

Vivandiere (representing the Bookery Cook collective) has a deep love of underground disco, funk and soul which shines through as a major influence in her refined electronic selections. She will be blessing ears with a rare DJ set at Dank Side. Another rare treat for Brisbane bass fiends will come in the form of a DJ set of hip hop and beats from Mongo – who used to make regular appearances at the mighty Rude Bwoyz drum ‘n’ bass nights.

And as always, making your blubber quiver will be the sinister beats, eclectic bass and soulful selections from the crates of Walrii and Swob of Dank Morass. The Walrus and Sgt. Swob will be holding down the fort while Danck is overseas on a mission to LA’s Low End Theory and the Sonar Festival in Barcelona.

See you in front of the Bass-Bins!



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