The Return of Ras G (Brainfeeder)

January 25th, 2012

After the Dank Morass event featuring the inter-stella performance by Ras G in 2010, the man reaches our shores once again. This time brought to Brisbane by new promo crew mosca on the back of the Blunted tour. This is not one to miss out on. Walrii from Dank Morass in support with some deep dubs.

-Ras_G & The Afrikan Space Program-

Somewhere in the interstellar intersection of Sun Ra, DJ Spooky, Strata East and Lee “Scratch” Perry is the incomparable musical mind of LA native Ras G. Although he affixes often group nicknamed “The Afrikan Space Program” for that his name was Ras G (a mixture of his first initial and a testament to his belief in Rastafari) is the only captain and crew of the spacecraft, together with a 21st century moxie his collective influences make up what he describes as Ghetto Sci-Fi, an alien sound wave transmission of the double white noise glitch, unstable boom-bap and sound bites. Contains healing tones (specific sound frequencies that are alleged to have profound effects on the body and soul) modal jazz and procecustomers’ inspiration. Ras G has successfully concocted a sonic brew that defies conventional musical categorization

“As opposed to riding trends and waves I try to bring the music that I really know,” he explains “It is my offer to the world”

He blew minds, ear drums and bass bins the last time he was in the country and in 2012 he’s set to do it all over again…



Woodland Bar – Coniston Lane, Fortitude Valley

FB Event –


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Klaar – Remote EP

January 12th, 2012

Good friend of the Morass, Joe Shakespeare , originally from the Innasekt dubstep outfit alongside Sully known as Sneer. He has since shifted his sounds and started a couple of solo projects, Shankles and Klaar. Following the dopeasfuck Gully Foil EP, Joe comes through with a fresh release from his darker, witchhousey alias Klaar, called the Remote EP. Working in collaboration with english vocalist Catgut, haunting pop aesthetics run through this solid EP.

You can cop it for free at Joe’s blog. RESPECT –

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Bookery Cook Banquet for the Brainfeeder Massive

January 11th, 2012

An evening with The Bookery Cook: Brainfeeder Banquet from Bookery Cook on Vimeo.

Just before the Dank Morass event featuring Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer and Hermitude early last year, our good friends from the art and food collective Bookery Cook cooked up a big middle-eastern feed for our artists!

Check this video depicting the dinner, event and after-party. A great reminder of a great night. Footage courtesy of Megan Cullen.

Read the full story HERE @ Bookery Cook’s brand new website!


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Lee “Scratch” Perry Tribute Tape

January 11th, 2012

Third in the Tribue Beat Tape series by Dub Temple Records. Following Bob Marley and King Tubby, this time respects are paid to legendary Jamican Dub producers and space ambassador Lee “Scratch” Perry.

In my opinon this one is the strongest of the three tapes with a deep well of sounds and styles touched on. Some beats are straight up bangers and others on the experimental bass ting, with educational snippets from interviews with the man throughout this makes for a strong release that you should probably cop in your earholes.


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Dexian Racking – Femme Fatale Vol. 2

December 30th, 2011

The Femme Fatale mix by Swob, makes up the next volume of Dexian Racking‘s fiction series inspired by music of a variety of concepts that are sinister in nature. Following the first installment themed “The Swamp“, the second is from, in Brad Swobs words…

“A bit of superfluous background: I have over the last year or so enjoyed a lot of Humphrey Bogart films, jazz and L.A. Noire on Xbox! At any rate, please find below a link to the mix for Volume 2: The Femme Fatale. “

Download and listen below. Submit your text interpretations of these bitter sweet sounds by midnight Friday 20th January 2012.

Email and Brad will hook you up with the details.

Dexian Racking Vol 2: The Femme Fatale
Assembled by Brad Swob
49:18 mins

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Ender Records Presents XMAS02

December 23rd, 2011

To conclude the latest deluge of Brisbane Beats is this free comp featuring a wide-variety of electronic music from unknowns and knowns from Australia and across the globe. Strong UK flavas on this release, with a few curve balls thrown in, including one by Walrii of Dank Morass fame. Of special note is Chupi‘s “Many Fessed the Station”. Shouts to Ender Recs on this ground shifting release.

This has been a very strong year for Brisbane electronic music. Keep you ear to the underground for 2012.



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Voodoo Dred – Remixes (The Gold EP)

December 23rd, 2011

Here it is, the remixes of the mighty Voodoo Dred EP that dropped a few months back on Dub Temple Records. Boasting re-outerpretations from some of the finest upcoming artists from Brisbane and related regions, including Dank Morass’ Walrii and Christchurch based wizard, Epoch who is currently collaborating with Hyperdub’s LV and vocalist, Joshua Idehen.


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Green Nose – Hyper Color T-Shirts EP

December 23rd, 2011

First release from Brisbane based producer, MC, painter and all round Japanese badman. The name and cover art of this EP says it all. Check these mad-flavas for your fix of 8bit, melody, humour, square rhythms and not to mention phat drums.


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Kirvy – Twing EP

December 23rd, 2011

Pure fiyah brand at the helm on this debut Dub Temple release from Filipino beat-maker, Kirvy. Free-form, textured, sample-based broken-beats. Original music with soul ala Knxwledge’s clique. Strong release.

Check the FREE DL –

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Bunda EP

November 28th, 2011

Dub Temple releases the debut EP from Brisbane based producer, Bunda. Phat drums and rhythms, with well tuned production qualities, these beats make for some tasty listening.

Art work by Joe Baker –

DT comes through with a nice new website also. Check it below!


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