de ja vodou (danck tour journal pt 2)

June 27th, 2010

The DSLR went all Err99 in London, so here’s the point-and-shoot version of Berlin.

Space mammals in the Berlin Zoo:

Space Mammals

Vodou goodness and much more after the jump.

Cookies Cream vegetarian restaurant is down a labrynthine trail of back alleys:

..and well worth the mission:

An incredible exhibition of Haitian Vodou artifacts at the Ethnologisches Museum destroys conceptions of voodoo cliche and replaces them with something more complex and altogether darker. It included sculptural renderings of the pantheon of Loa, including Baron Samedi and Legba, ritual mirrors and bottles for magical elixirs.

Most impressive, and unnerving, was the spirit warrior army of Bizango secret society, which formed to coincide with the slave revolt of the late 18th century. The societies have maintained to this day, and while the figures in this exhibition weren’t dated, they wouldn’t be out of place in a contemporary art gallery. The Bizango figures are crafted from padded cloth, wood, mirrors and metal, and most include a human skull as their head.

In Berlin, public transport helpfully advises of the new DMZ album release:

A hazy night around Frederichshain and Kreuzberg clubs, house parties and bars courtesy of Company Fuck and the Rubbish Fairy.

Next: Sonar, Barcelona!

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