Who are ATLASt and Archi Lancaster?

April 12th, 2010

My good friends ATLASt (Warren Handley) and Archi Lancaster (Joe Baker) have been orchestrating finely tuned  visuals for Morass parties since the very beginnings. Integral members of the Dank, these cats create a live visual manipulation of hand picked digital video samples and creations.

Using midi pads and knobs and a couple of sets of ears, they respond spontaneously to changes in the music by running the visuals through filters and mashing textures together. These dudes never fail in keeping their visuals sinister and dank like the beats themselves. This video from The Gaslamp Killer show in Brisbane perfectly illustrates Warren and Joe’s work at Dank parties.


Both Warren and Joe are artists in their own right who work with a variety of artistic mediums and concepts.

A combination of raw illustration skills, a laptop and an open mind make for Joe Baker‘s innovative work. Joe has designed a fair chunk of our flyers over the past 2 years.

These flyers are only a sample of Joe’s design skills. He is also accomplished illustrator, video and conceptual artist. These are some further examples of his work.

Roto-scoped Walrus from Joe Baker

Warren Aka ATLASt works extensively with maps and super-imposing them onto organic three-dimensional forms. He has a keen eye for geometry, texture and space. Waz is also nice with the pen and laptop.

Check ATLASt’s blog, Ten-P-Bag, for the latest in Warren’s works, and general beats, art and life.



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