March 10th, 2010

Now that we’ve mopped the sweat from our collective brow and pulled our soles off the sticky floor of the Step Inn, it’s time for a proper shout out to everyone who rolled through to the Brisbane Gaslamp Killer show on Saturday. All the support DJs held it down with aplomb, from Syntax’s ode to Detroit hip hop (not to mention his own concoctions) to Tigermoth’s effects-rich melange and Science Project’s banging live dubstep with MCs on the assist. Extra props to Elgusto of Hermitude, who played an immaculate selection for his first ever DJ set in Brisbane and stepped away with the whole audience hoping it won’t be his last. However, it was The Gaslamp Killer’s night, and he pulled up from a tour schedule that saw himĀ  switching time zones every two days to leave a capacity Step Inn in a sweat-drenched frenzy. The man is one of the great DJs of our time, to be sure.

There’s much more Morass in the next two weeks, but for now check out a great set of photos from Tammy via InTheMix. Here’s a small sample.

Hands up for Detroit: Syntax

Pic by tumtum09 from ITM

Year of the Tiger: Tigermoth

Pic by tumtum09 from ITM

Jelly monsters: Science Project

Pic by tumum09 from ITM

From Alleys to the Valley: Elgusto

Pic by tumtum09 from ITM

Greetings from Hell: The Gaslamp Killer

GKL pics by tumtum09 at ITM

GKL pics by tumtum09 at ITM

Last Donut of the Nite: Walrii

Photo by tumtum09 from ITM

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