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January 4th, 2011

Pics by Tammy at ITM

Almost three years ago, we hosted a little Thursday night party in the small room upstairs at the Step Inn. The headliner was a young producer called Flying Lotus who had just signed to Warp and released his first EP on that label. We had no idea if Brisbane was going to come out to see this cat, we just really wanted to witness his show ourselves. As it turned out, quite a few people felt the same and the dancefloor didn’t know what hit it. That show set in motion the last three years of Morass madness.

In that time, the instrumental beats scene has flourished, exploded and cross-pollinated wantonly with theĀ  UK-focused dubstep and bass scene, which we’ve also represented at our shows and in our sets. More importantly, Flying Lotus has released two stunning boundary-defying albums that have informed, influenced and driven electronic music into new territory. We’ve always known that Lotus deserves a big audience, and last Sunday at The Tivoli he returned to prove the point in what feels like the beautiful culmination of everything we’ve worked towards since his first show in Brisbane. Everything was bigger: the venue, the stage, the sound, the screen, the supports and the crowd.

Flying Lotus – Live at The Tivoli Theatre – 02.01.11 from Samuel Dunn on Vimeo.

I don’t want to get all Oscars on you, but a lot of people put in the yards to make this thing happen, including a few last-minute saves without which the show wouldn’t have gone on. As Lotus mentioned on stage, his trusty laptop died just 24 hours earlier in Perth. He managed to play a second Perth show by building a new set on someone else’s computer, but he was flying into Brisbane without a working machine, mere hours from his set. A few phone calls later and our boys Sam and Jay were in his hotel room conducting some frantic data recovery.

Some of the other people we’d like to single out are Tones and Kane for the very prompt emergency cymbal supply; Elgusto, Dubs and Tim at Elefant Traks for hooking up Hermitude as a crowd-pleasing last minute replacement for an erstwhile Hudson Mohawke (hope that foot heals quick!); Jessie, Bob, Hugh, Mish, Jake, Lara and all the cool Tivoli crew; Christian, Sean, Liam and the rest of the warehouse crew for supplying an amazing afterparty venue and vibe, Georgie and Science Project for rocking said party and Brews Brothers for supplying refreshment at same; Megs, Tammy and Tania for the great pics; Jerry and Nam from The Operatives who undertook the herculean task for touring these cats in NZ and Australia; all of Brisbane who came down to see what we think is a historic show of cutting-edge, game-changing music in the city’s most beautiful venue; our VJs ATLASt and Archi Lancaster who tirelessly mashed the big screen visuals and added a whole new dimension to the entire night, and last but not least Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Ron Bruner Jr and The Gaslamp Killer for bringing amazing energy to the stage in the face of jetlag, technical nightmares and a missing tourmate. Salute!

Check out Tammy’s entire gallery of the night, including the afterparty, here at InTheMix. There’ll be more photos and videos to come.

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