Ender XMAS Compilation Rolls Around Once Again

December 28th, 2013

Check the 4th installment of the annual Ender XMAS compilation. Featuring a slew of cats, these tracks cover some ground. From cinematic soundtrack compositions, jungle madness to some cutting edge electronica, this is well worth a DL. Donations raised go to the aftermath of cyclone Haiyan that devastated large parts of the Philippines last month. Features a broad variety of Australian producers, including Dank Morass’ Walrii and Dub Temple’s Sauce, Voodoo Dred and Science Project. Support!

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Pasta Groove’s “Kometa” brought to life in live recording.

December 27th, 2013

Last month, Dub Temple Records had the pleasure of organising a release party for “Kometa”, the debut DT release from Manila’s stalwart producer, arranger and beat-maker Pasta Groove.

Held in Manila’s premier alternative music venue, Black Market, PG brought his compositions to life, leading a band featuring MPC genius Caliph8 (Dub Temple) on drums, Pasta Groove on MPC and local musicians on bass guitar, keys, flute and percussion.

Having witnessed the fwd-pushing energy and musicality of this show, we are pleased to present a live recording of the performance. It could be considered spiritual soul-jazz with a deep Hip Hop aesthetic. For fans of the music of Black Jazz, Groove Merchant and Strata East mixed with some Rawkus and Mowax in there. TIP.


DL “Kometa” on the Dub Temple Bandcamp below.

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Seethe Monthly Soundcloud page

March 5th, 2013

Seethe is a monthly electronic music night curated by Walrii of Dank Morass that saw its 2nd installment last week.

SEETHE 2 was headlined by local hardware technician and tape prodigy Dust Storm Jogger, who performed on 2 x Roland SP-606 and a Yamaha CS-10. Other artists on the bill included Weakling (Ender), Science Project (Dub Temple), Voodoo Dred ( Dub Temple), Provis (Dub Temple).

Stream/download a round up of the sets on the SEETHE MONTHLY Soundcloud page as well as Monologue’s epic set (featuring 130 tracks) and Dust Storm Jogger’s performance. The soundcloud page will be regularly updated with recordings from Seethe and mixes by the artists who perform.


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Walrii on Melbourne’s PBS radio @ The Beat Delivery

March 5th, 2013


While in Melbourne for DTR’s House of Shaolin’s tour a few weeks ago, Walrii linked with the reputable future bass show “The Beat Delivery” on PBS 106.7FM to record a Dub Temple showcase mix.

The DT showcase and and interview with Walrii was aired on PBS 106.7FM last Saturday night at midnight. Big up to Rebecca Florence and Tony Black for the hook up.

You can stream the recording HERE. DT Interview and mix with Walrii starts at 69:00.


Walrii @ The Beat Delivery – DTR Showcase Mix 2013


Voodoo Dred – Mothership
Voodoo Dred – Child Soldiers (Epoch’s Kalashnikov Remix)
Grimes – Eastwood
Sauce – Lignum Drop
Heaprize – Fudge Kebab
Rufio – Master Plan (Ru Remix)
kⓘяvy – StraightbubblE
Bunda – Butter
8man – Africa
Winters – Slip Away
Green Nose – Parking Ticket
Star Safari – Rawgustus Pablotec
Monk – Bak Pon De Wall
Walrii – Paptz
Provis – On a Whim
Walrii – Weaver (feat. Rift of Speaker Wrath)
Speaker Wrath – Uptown Grief
Samedi Sound System – The Battle for Europa
Rift – Yards
Walrii – Rocel (Take 2)

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Walrii’s NYE Warehouse Rave Mix

February 2nd, 2013

Walrii played the 11pm-12:30am set at a warehouse rave on 2012/13 New Years eve. Big ups to Basement crew for a great party.

Download this special warehouse rave mix HERE (right click “save link as”).


Walrii – Fantastic
Roni Size – It’s a Jazz Thing (Phillip D Kick Edit)
Day Dawn Night – Alcoholic Dance Flow
Dream Continuum – Set It
Day Dawn Night – Voodoo Vibe
Sully – Scram
Walrii – Dedication Parts 1-3 (Feat Ed Ruben)
Mizz Beats  – My World (Om Unit Remix)
LV & Joshua Idehen – Primary Colours (Extended Remix)
Pixelord – Love Is (Coco Bryce Rave to the Grave edit)
Geeneus – Ultrafunkula
Martyn & Mike Slott – All Nights
Lando Kal – Further
James T. Cotton – Got To Let You Know
Zomby – It Was All A Dream
The Omni Incentive – Untitled
Kowton – Untitled
Szare – Nazca
Walrii – Return/Yet to Learn
Kuedo – Flight Path
The Two. Fifteens – Tap Dance Massacre
Drippin X Strictface – Buss Me Gunz (Original Mix)
Kahn & Neek – Backchat
Arabian Prince – Statix
Debruit – So Bale
Sango – Passinho Kuduro
Walrii – Rocel (Take 2)

Walrii on FB and SC

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Walrii starts weekly DJ residence @ Super Whatnot

February 2nd, 2013


Selections is a new night taking place each and every Friday from 5pm onwards in the relaxed confines of the Super Whatnot? Bar located in the city centre at Burnett Lane.  Watch http://vimeo.com/50295031

Walrii from Brisbane’s long standing promotions crew Dank Morass will be digging deep for an eclectic selection of new and old gems and will be booking some of Brisbane’s best selectors to do the same from 9pm onwards.

The night will be focused on rare and classic records and the latest in smooth delights from across the world.

As a DJ, Walrii has played support slots for international acts as varied as Raekwon, Roots Manuva, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Shapeshifter, Kid Koala, Hudson Mohawke and Hermitude as well and playing at the Parklife, Deliverance and Manifest festivals and the launch of the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial Exhibition at GOMA.

SWH boasts an impressive collection of liquor and tap beer, tapas food and refined ambience.

A Love Supreme Presents MFP and WALRII (DANK MORASS) from Taz 4000 on Vimeo.


What: Dank Morass presents Selections weekly

When: 5pm till midnight every Friday

Where: Super Whatnot Bar, 48 Burnett Lane City

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Dank Morass launches monthly night

February 2nd, 2013


Last Saturday 26th January saw the launch of SEETHE MONTHLY a club night focusing on local djs and producers pushing forward-thinking dance floor music of all kinds.

One of the highlights of the night was Monologue’s live deconstruction and mash up of over 130 dance floor tunes alongside a session drummer. DL/stream the recording of this epic mix below… Track-listing in soundcloud description.

SEETHE is an umbrella for Brisbane’s electronic music crews, new and old, at the new venue, Wasteland venue (joined to coniston lane).

The night aims to tap into the rich community of artists who are pushing and creating next level underground music and visual arts in Brisbane.

Continuing the momentum of the launch party, the next SEETHE is taking place on Saturday February 23rd and will be happening every month on a Saturday. $5 on the door everytime.

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Walrii releases debut EP

February 1st, 2013

Walrii of Dank Morass has released his debut EP on the Brisbane based label, Dub Temple.

DL for FREE/donation here – http://dubtemplerecords.bandcamp.com/album/weaver-ep

Walrii on FB – http://www.facebook.com/walriithewalrus?ref=ts&fref=ts

Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/walrii

Hailing from Brisbane’s Dank Morass crew, Walrii (Isaac Ismail) has been devouring, DJing and promoting bass music since before it coalesced into a global movement. In 2013, he presents his first EP of original music, Weaver.

Ismail’s passion for music is evident in his DJ sets, alchemical journeys which run as wide as they do deep, traversing his love for both the freshest unheard beats and the hidden archeological treasures of the past. With Weaver, the Walrus has woven a rich set of five songs, plus one interlude, that evoke a maudlin parallel to the dancefloors he’s drawn energy from for years.

Tapping the upbeat grooves and ethereal chords of Brazilian music, the EP also references jazz In its ethos of exploration, and doffs its hat to deep house, dubstep, hip hop, library music, classic soul and IDM along the way.

The threads of Walrii’s tapestry are raw bass stabs, drunken piano chords, lush atmospherics and capricious percussives, all of which coalesce with frequently surprising beauty.

The mournful horn and pensive piano of ‘Rocel (Take 2)’ alternately play out over a restrained shimmering bass and skittering percussion that sets the scene. The crackle-house of ‘Return/Yet to Learn’ revives the piano drops and finds ghostly voices swimming up from the depths of the mournful mix.

The opiated roll of centerpiece ‘Dedication Parts 1-3’ features the roaming improve piano of classically trained Ed Ruben, chopped with a sloppy precision, while title number ‘Weaver’, co-produced with Rift of Speakerwrath, crackles with handclap and a synthetic carrier tone, retrospectively bringing the rest of the EP into focus. The loping, playful wash of ‘Tel Aviv’ closes proceedings with the listener off guard, and hungry for more.

Weaver is startling in its cohesiveness and intriguing in its calculated restraint, a timely and fascinating strain of the evolving bass music virus.

As a DJ, Walrii has played bills with Digital Mystikz, Lorn, Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer, Ras G, Blu and Exile, The Bug, Joker, N-Type, Starkey, Cut Chemist, Roots Manuva, Mount Kimbie, Hermitude and many more. He has remixed Science Project and Voodoo Dred, and released tracks on Brisbane labels Dub Temple and Ender Records.

He has appeared live on NTS Radio London, as well as regularly on 4ZzZ Radio Brisbane and is a fixture at any Brisbane night exploring the truly innovative outer realms of bass music.

1. Rocel (Take 2)
2. Fantastic
3. Return/Yet to Learn
4. Dedication Parts 1-3 (feat Ed Ruben)
5. Weaver (with Rift)
6. Tel Aviv

Music by Isaac Ismail. Track 4 featuring Ed Ruben on piano. Track 5 featuring Rift of Speakerwrath. Mastered by Marly Luske at Alchemix. Artwork by Joe Baker.

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The Return of Ras G (Brainfeeder)

January 25th, 2012

After the Dank Morass event featuring the inter-stella performance by Ras G in 2010, the man reaches our shores once again. This time brought to Brisbane by new promo crew mosca on the back of the Blunted tour. This is not one to miss out on. Walrii from Dank Morass in support with some deep dubs.

-Ras_G & The Afrikan Space Program-

Somewhere in the interstellar intersection of Sun Ra, DJ Spooky, Strata East and Lee “Scratch” Perry is the incomparable musical mind of LA native Ras G. Although he affixes often group nicknamed “The Afrikan Space Program” for that his name was Ras G (a mixture of his first initial and a testament to his belief in Rastafari) is the only captain and crew of the spacecraft, together with a 21st century moxie his collective influences make up what he describes as Ghetto Sci-Fi, an alien sound wave transmission of the double white noise glitch, unstable boom-bap and sound bites. Contains healing tones (specific sound frequencies that are alleged to have profound effects on the body and soul) modal jazz and procecustomers’ inspiration. Ras G has successfully concocted a sonic brew that defies conventional musical categorization

“As opposed to riding trends and waves I try to bring the music that I really know,” he explains “It is my offer to the world”

He blew minds, ear drums and bass bins the last time he was in the country and in 2012 he’s set to do it all over again…



Woodland Bar – Coniston Lane, Fortitude Valley

FB Event – http://www.facebook.com/events/336386376392429/


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Klaar – Remote EP

January 12th, 2012

Good friend of the Morass, Joe Shakespeare , originally from the Innasekt dubstep outfit alongside Sully known as Sneer. He has since shifted his sounds and started a couple of solo projects, Shankles and Klaar. Following the dopeasfuck Gully Foil EP, Joe comes through with a fresh release from his darker, witchhousey alias Klaar, called the Remote EP. Working in collaboration with english vocalist Catgut, haunting pop aesthetics run through this solid EP.

You can cop it for free at Joe’s blog. RESPECT – http://thisisharmitage.blogspot.com/

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