is this some sort of bussed? (danck tour journal pt 1)

June 9th, 2010

John Wynne / Installation for 300 speakers, Pianola and vacuum cleaner (detail) 2009 / Installation at Saatchi Gallery, London. Finally emerging from the haze of a 25 hour trip from Hoi An to London (via Danang, Saigon and Bangkok), we tripped down to the Saatchi Gallery. The highlight of the  Newspeak show of new British artists  was John Wynne’s Installation for 300 speakers, Pianola and vacuum cleaner, complete with pulsating vacuum tube to power the pianola. I was also feeling Pablo Bronstein‘s fantastical architectural sketches. Meanwhile, over at Tate Modern, the Exposed exhibition celebrates  over a hundred years of voyeuristic surveillance photography.

That night, it was off to deepest South-East London for Bussed Up, a neat little warehouse party with hazy hip hop, dubstep and breakcore vibes. Inevitably , the two acts I most wanted to check at a two-room party were playing at exactly the same time, so there was much hefting up and down stairs between Blue Daisy’s live opiated hip hop and Zan Lyons’ AV remix of Bladerunner.

Blue Daisy rocks an impressive live rig. Despite having only a handful of releases and remixes to his name, the young producer has one of lushest sounds coming out of the new beat scene. Ostensibly comparable to Flying Lotus with his loping beats and layers of warm fuzz, he’s definitely got his own vibe going on. Rumour has it he’s got multiple releases on the horizon this year, and if what we heard on Saturday night was anything to go buy, we’re in for some rugged and robust future hip hop.

Audiovisual artist Zan Lyons has remixed the visuals of Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner and augmented it with his own soundtrack, in turns ambient and industrial, played off laptop and violin. It was a condensed version of the film, with all the iconic scenes  intact. There seemed to be some additional footage mixed in, and I’d be interested to know if it had been filmed specifically for this project, or cribbed from elsewhere. The parts I saw were amazing, and if Blue Daisy hadn’t been playing downstairs I would have been transfixed by this interpolation of a modern classic.

For a better view, here is Zan’s trailer for his BR AV.

I hadn’t really been up on recent Planet Mu signing Rudi Zygadlo, (check out his Electronic Explorations mix), but he dropped heavily effected dubstep heat and plenty more to keep it interesting.


Catching the night bus brought back a flood of memories of living in London –  long, uncertain waits at bus stops, woozy, surreal views out the the bus window, getting on buses going in the wrong direction (which we did) and falling asleep until we were woken by the driver at the end of the line (which we mercifully didn’t, this time).

Last night, we caught the killer free jazz combo of Mark Sanders, Shabaka Hutchings and John Edwards in the intimate surrounds of Cafe Oto in Dalston. Not bad for a rainy Monday night. Next stop: Berlin.

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March 10th, 2010

Now that we’ve mopped the sweat from our collective brow and pulled our soles off the sticky floor of the Step Inn, it’s time for a proper shout out to everyone who rolled through to the Brisbane Gaslamp Killer show on Saturday. All the support DJs held it down with aplomb, from Syntax’s ode to Detroit hip hop (not to mention his own concoctions) to Tigermoth’s effects-rich melange and Science Project’s banging live dubstep with MCs on the assist. Extra props to Elgusto of Hermitude, who played an immaculate selection for his first ever DJ set in Brisbane and stepped away with the whole audience hoping it won’t be his last. However, it was The Gaslamp Killer’s night, and he pulled up from a tour schedule that saw him  switching time zones every two days to leave a capacity Step Inn in a sweat-drenched frenzy. The man is one of the great DJs of our time, to be sure.

There’s much more Morass in the next two weeks, but for now check out a great set of photos from Tammy via InTheMix. Here’s a small sample.

Hands up for Detroit: Syntax

Pic by tumtum09 from ITM

Year of the Tiger: Tigermoth

Pic by tumtum09 from ITM

Jelly monsters: Science Project

Pic by tumum09 from ITM

From Alleys to the Valley: Elgusto

Pic by tumtum09 from ITM

Greetings from Hell: The Gaslamp Killer

GKL pics by tumtum09 at ITM

GKL pics by tumtum09 at ITM

Last Donut of the Nite: Walrii

Photo by tumtum09 from ITM

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Holier than…

October 26th, 2009

Heyo all you cats!

It’s been a minute since i last posted a mix up. I thought to myself… its high time!

A sure shot of swiss cheese steez. A fairly free session of new and old beats. A bit of Brazillian rhythms and 808 big rims electro, with some soul and a little Zomby and 4×4 thrown in. Peep it. Hope you enjoy.

Swiss Steez Mixed by Walrii (mp3 via MegaUpload)

Jake One – Let the Drums Speak
A few words from Dilla
Ghosts on Tape – Mogadishu Night Life
Clark – Roulette Thrift Run
Flying Lotus – Parisian Goldfish
Nosaj Thing – I0I0
Flying Lotus – Orange Belt Buckle
Rustie – Jagz the Smack (Neil Landstrumm Remix)
Zomby – Digital Flora (Part 2)
Starkey – Miracles
Starkey – Miracles (Jamie Vexd Rmx)
Jamie Lidell – Another Day
Pilooski – Love is Wet
BurialxFourTet – Moth
Blue Daisy – The Fall
Lukid – Fall Apart
Afta-1 – Escape
Onra – Come Close (Clicks and Claps Edit)
Walrus Outro

peace, Walrusx

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starkey tour video + pics

March 25th, 2009

Swob gets a cameo in Starkey’s Australia-NZ Tour Video as he shows our intrepid hero the sights of Brisbane the night after the riotous crowd went off to his killer set.

Starkey’s Australia-NZ tour video on MySpace

Naturally, our girl Megan photographed proceedings, including the always attractive Morass punters.

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January 30th, 2009

Big ups to everyone who came down to The Bug and Warrior Queen on Monday. That was some serious, serious bass. On a school night too. Damn!

EDIT: Once again, Megan comes through with the crazy photos. Click on the pic for the full set.

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flying lotus pics, 020109

January 5th, 2009

What better way to kick off a new year than with a rammed out night of mind bending beats courtesy of the one Flying Lotus? As usual, our good friend Megan comes through with the quality photojournalism capturing the vibe of the dance.

Walrii scrapes out the jungle rust.

Crowd uncontrolled.

DJ Katch – no sucker DJ.

True original – Flying Lotus

Click on any of the pics to check out the full set at Megan’s blog – super hot speaker top boogie ahoy.

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roll up the dank

November 1st, 2008

image by megan cullen

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