Walrii releases debut EP

February 1st, 2013

Walrii of Dank Morass has released his debut EP on the Brisbane based label, Dub Temple.

DL for FREE/donation here – http://dubtemplerecords.bandcamp.com/album/weaver-ep

Walrii on FB – http://www.facebook.com/walriithewalrus?ref=ts&fref=ts

Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/walrii

Hailing from Brisbane’s Dank Morass crew, Walrii (Isaac Ismail) has been devouring, DJing and promoting bass music since before it coalesced into a global movement. In 2013, he presents his first EP of original music, Weaver.

Ismail’s passion for music is evident in his DJ sets, alchemical journeys which run as wide as they do deep, traversing his love for both the freshest unheard beats and the hidden archeological treasures of the past. With Weaver, the Walrus has woven a rich set of five songs, plus one interlude, that evoke a maudlin parallel to the dancefloors he’s drawn energy from for years.

Tapping the upbeat grooves and ethereal chords of Brazilian music, the EP also references jazz In its ethos of exploration, and doffs its hat to deep house, dubstep, hip hop, library music, classic soul and IDM along the way.

The threads of Walrii’s tapestry are raw bass stabs, drunken piano chords, lush atmospherics and capricious percussives, all of which coalesce with frequently surprising beauty.

The mournful horn and pensive piano of ‘Rocel (Take 2)’ alternately play out over a restrained shimmering bass and skittering percussion that sets the scene. The crackle-house of ‘Return/Yet to Learn’ revives the piano drops and finds ghostly voices swimming up from the depths of the mournful mix.

The opiated roll of centerpiece ‘Dedication Parts 1-3’ features the roaming improve piano of classically trained Ed Ruben, chopped with a sloppy precision, while title number ‘Weaver’, co-produced with Rift of Speakerwrath, crackles with handclap and a synthetic carrier tone, retrospectively bringing the rest of the EP into focus. The loping, playful wash of ‘Tel Aviv’ closes proceedings with the listener off guard, and hungry for more.

Weaver is startling in its cohesiveness and intriguing in its calculated restraint, a timely and fascinating strain of the evolving bass music virus.

As a DJ, Walrii has played bills with Digital Mystikz, Lorn, Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer, Ras G, Blu and Exile, The Bug, Joker, N-Type, Starkey, Cut Chemist, Roots Manuva, Mount Kimbie, Hermitude and many more. He has remixed Science Project and Voodoo Dred, and released tracks on Brisbane labels Dub Temple and Ender Records.

He has appeared live on NTS Radio London, as well as regularly on 4ZzZ Radio Brisbane and is a fixture at any Brisbane night exploring the truly innovative outer realms of bass music.

1. Rocel (Take 2)
2. Fantastic
3. Return/Yet to Learn
4. Dedication Parts 1-3 (feat Ed Ruben)
5. Weaver (with Rift)
6. Tel Aviv

Music by Isaac Ismail. Track 4 featuring Ed Ruben on piano. Track 5 featuring Rift of Speakerwrath. Mastered by Marly Luske at Alchemix. Artwork by Joe Baker.

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Bookery Cook Banquet for the Brainfeeder Massive

January 11th, 2012

An evening with The Bookery Cook: Brainfeeder Banquet from Bookery Cook on Vimeo.

Just before the Dank Morass event featuring Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer and Hermitude early last year, our good friends from the art and food collective Bookery Cook cooked up a big middle-eastern feed for our artists!

Check this video depicting the dinner, event and after-party. A great reminder of a great night. Footage courtesy of Megan Cullen.

Read the full story HERE @ Bookery Cook’s brand new website!


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Walrii on NTS London Radio

September 21st, 2011

Dank Morass’ own Walrii the Walrus is currently in Great Britain spreading dank and splaying the blubber. Last Saturday, whilst in London he bumped heads with Gav, friend and founder of Jus Like Music Records which was behind the recent B. Lewis EP and the mighty Shankles Gully Foil EP.

Since April 2011, Gav along with Hip Hop producer BUG (check his latest EP, Mechanical Soul) have been running Jus Like Music show on London’s latest underground digital radio station, NTS which has been garnering much support through Europe in recent months. Featuring resident shows from badman DJ and artist Kutmah, psych-hop producer Bullion, forward-thinking steppers Dark Sky, CD-R sessions founder Tony Nwachukwu among many other notables, NTS has earned its title for being a solid source of quality music of all kinds.

Naturally, Walrii was chuffed to be asked to be a guest on the Jus Like Music show, a great opportunity he thought, to showcase the quality music that has been flowing from Brisbane and affiliated regions to UK and global listeners.

Come 5pm, Walrii and good friend and badass scratch DJ Alex Volume rocked up to Gillett Square in Dalston to meet Gav outside the NTS broadcast studio before the show started at 6pm. They found themselves at a tiny shack wedged in between a Jazz Club called Vortex and a North African Video store (containing a couple of dudes chilling, chewing Khat), not to mention an animated ping pong game taking place just outside the studio in the middle of the square, all to the sounds of the tasty UK Garage drifting from NTS.

After a brief catch up with Gav about beats and bobs (BUG was sick that day), 6pm came and it was time for the Jus Like Music show. The rest was history. Gav played some amazing exclusives from producers across the world in true JLM style and come 7pm Walrii stepped up to the decks… Walrii and Gav had a brief but positive chat on air at the end of the show about the Brisbane scene and with that done and dusted, it was time to trek across town to the renown theater venue, Koko’s in Camden for Daedalus, Kutmah, Hidden Orchestra and Luke Vibert…

Listen and download the whole show with tracklist HERE (check 17/09/2011 set) or download just the Walrii guest set and interview … Big ups to Gav, Jus Like Music and NTS for the linx.

More posts from Walrii’s travels shortly…


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Walrii Djs @ photography exhibition @ Blackstar Coffee, West End

May 13th, 2011

Blackstar Coffee Roasters invites you to the first of its exciting new in-house exhibitions.

Working together with the community, we will be continuing to acquaint the public with local emerging artists with a social conscience.

Saturday May 14 at Blackstar, Rick Hayward will be showcasing his photographic series ‘Tassie by Treadly’.
Over a two week period, Rick and six fellow gentlemen rode the length and breadth of Tasmania, with the bare essentials strapped to their bicycles.
Rick’s honest 35mm observations invite you to share the pleasures of a simple existence.

‘Tassie by Treadly’ – for love of life, bicycles and freedom.

$5 entry + complimentary beverage.
Ride your bike for entry into the GEAR Shop door-prize.
Walrii of Dank Morass providing delicious beats.
Refreshments will be available, thanks to Brews Brothers Microbrewery.

C’mon, don’t be a square now.

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flylo & glk post-mortem & props

January 4th, 2011

Pics by Tammy at ITM

Almost three years ago, we hosted a little Thursday night party in the small room upstairs at the Step Inn. The headliner was a young producer called Flying Lotus who had just signed to Warp and released his first EP on that label. We had no idea if Brisbane was going to come out to see this cat, we just really wanted to witness his show ourselves. As it turned out, quite a few people felt the same and the dancefloor didn’t know what hit it. That show set in motion the last three years of Morass madness.

In that time, the instrumental beats scene has flourished, exploded and cross-pollinated wantonly with the  UK-focused dubstep and bass scene, which we’ve also represented at our shows and in our sets. More importantly, Flying Lotus has released two stunning boundary-defying albums that have informed, influenced and driven electronic music into new territory. We’ve always known that Lotus deserves a big audience, and last Sunday at The Tivoli he returned to prove the point in what feels like the beautiful culmination of everything we’ve worked towards since his first show in Brisbane. Everything was bigger: the venue, the stage, the sound, the screen, the supports and the crowd.

Flying Lotus – Live at The Tivoli Theatre – 02.01.11 from Samuel Dunn on Vimeo.

I don’t want to get all Oscars on you, but a lot of people put in the yards to make this thing happen, including a few last-minute saves without which the show wouldn’t have gone on. As Lotus mentioned on stage, his trusty laptop died just 24 hours earlier in Perth. He managed to play a second Perth show by building a new set on someone else’s computer, but he was flying into Brisbane without a working machine, mere hours from his set. A few phone calls later and our boys Sam and Jay were in his hotel room conducting some frantic data recovery.

Some of the other people we’d like to single out are Tones and Kane for the very prompt emergency cymbal supply; Elgusto, Dubs and Tim at Elefant Traks for hooking up Hermitude as a crowd-pleasing last minute replacement for an erstwhile Hudson Mohawke (hope that foot heals quick!); Jessie, Bob, Hugh, Mish, Jake, Lara and all the cool Tivoli crew; Christian, Sean, Liam and the rest of the warehouse crew for supplying an amazing afterparty venue and vibe, Georgie and Science Project for rocking said party and Brews Brothers for supplying refreshment at same; Megs, Tammy and Tania for the great pics; Jerry and Nam from The Operatives who undertook the herculean task for touring these cats in NZ and Australia; all of Brisbane who came down to see what we think is a historic show of cutting-edge, game-changing music in the city’s most beautiful venue; our VJs ATLASt and Archi Lancaster who tirelessly mashed the big screen visuals and added a whole new dimension to the entire night, and last but not least Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Ron Bruner Jr and The Gaslamp Killer for bringing amazing energy to the stage in the face of jetlag, technical nightmares and a missing tourmate. Salute!

Check out Tammy’s entire gallery of the night, including the afterparty, here at InTheMix. There’ll be more photos and videos to come.

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Beneath The Surface

November 5th, 2010

BTS began as a California State Fullerton University Campus radio show that first premiered on October 7, 2003, the same day Jaylib’s “Champion Sound” LP was released by Stones Throw. In tribute, the founder, LA native Andrew Meza played a two-hour set of only Madlib and J Dilla and set the stage for the next four years of groundbreaking, weekly free-form programming…

…In late 2005, I had been exploring early beat artists through Myspace, such as Eric Lau, Ras G, Dr. Who Dat?, Samiyam, Hudson Mohawke, Jackhigh, Kutmah and other unsigned cats and cliques from LA (Poo-bah), Glasgow (LuckyMe), Amsterdam (Beat Dimensions) and Barcelona (Soul Sociedad).

Soon after this world of beats began to open up for me, I first came across BTS radio in early 2006 and it was a revelation.

It was exactly the forward thinking Hip Hop music I (and soon to be the world) was waiting for. Each week, the show referenced the roots of the beat movement and gave a lot of love to  local LA producers/MCs as well as more far-reaching underground sounds from around the globe. Each Wednesday night was the highlight of my week when an hour-long mix was uploaded  for a 320Kbps download on the original BTS website.

BTS is your favourite radio Dj’s favourite radio station, however has never received the exposure it deserved. After having a 1 year hiatus in 2008 during which Meza was finishing his film degree, BTS was reinstated with a bang in 2009. A brand new website, archiving the remarkable mixes of the shows history and showcasing the long running art director, Charles Munka aka Ques‘ incinderary free-form artwork, the perfect companion to BTS and its deeply imbued ethos.

I thank Andrew Meza for BTS Radio and his relentless decication to professional, soulful and progressive radio that first broke music of the beat movement to the wider LA community and the world.


P.S. Checkout this personal favourite of mine from the BTS back catalogue of guest mixes.

Orginally aired 13/02/07

Jan Jelinek – Happening Tone (~scape)
Strand + Tres – Compact & Disperse (Pulpa)
Audrey 3000 – Baby I Got Your Money (CDR)
Izu – North Star (Konx-Om-Pax Remix) (Highpoint Lowlife)
Kaspar vs. Jakzen – Why Deny (Toga Party Mweslee Remix) (CDR)
Pilooski – Girlz (Astro Lab Recordings)
Beem – Ducker (CDR)
Rustie – Clipper (CDR)
Point B – Figure (SCSI)
Pede Rast – Jesus Wept (CDR)
Kelpe – Petrified (D.C. Recordings)
Bitstream – Decontamination Room (Modern Love)
Lukid – The Now (CDR)
Hudson Mohawke – Free Mo (CDR)
Mike Slott – Just Messin (CDR)
Berghem – 2512 (CDR)
Sir Samplot – Turn It Up (CDR)
The Unknown – Was Is (Track 29) (CDR)
Pete Philly & Perquisite – Mellow (Spacek Remix Instrumental) (Unexpected)
The Unknown – Tomorrows Yesterday (Track 14) (CDR)
Mesak – Popkumm (CDR)
Snowman & The Jack Sample Bros. – I Need U (CDR)
Hudson Mohawke – Asswank (CDR)
Hudson Mohawke – Samoa (CDR)
Hudson Mohawke – ZooOOom (CDR)
G. Frequency Feat. Tableek – No Control (Hudson Mo Refixx) (CDR)

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The Flying Lotus Trio

October 28th, 2010

Ronald Bruner Jr. (Drums), Steven “Flying Lotus” Ellison (Laptop), Steven “Thundercat” Bruner (Bass)

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DM pres. FlyLo, Gaslamp and HudMo @ Tivoli, Jan 2011

October 11th, 2010

The second decade of the new millennium opens with a bass-heavy deep impact when three of the most acclaimed artists in modern electronic music play Brisbane’s historic theatre venue The Tivoli on Sunday January 2.

*** Click each artist’s photo for a downloadable mix ***

Flying Lotus returns to Brisbane for the first time in two years, and for his first show here since the release of his explosively epic album Cosmogramma on Warp Records. Bringing a frenetic live audiovisual performance, Steve Ellison will show why he has ascended to the upper echelons of the global electronica movement. With Cosmogramma receiving universal praise for its psychedelic jazz beat tapestries featuring Lotus’ admirer Thom Yorke and his cousin Ravi Coltrane among others), this artist embodies the best of experimental electronica packed into a tight, danceable package. Ellison brings the special visual element of his show to Australia for the first time.

Lotus’ right hand man in the LA-based Brainfeeder clique and one of the minds behind legendary LA weekly club night Low End Theory, William Bensussen, aka The Gaslamp Killer receives praise as one of the best DJs in the world, with his relentless recombinations of psychedelic rock, dusty breaks and heavy dubstep. A producer, as well as a DJ, he has released two EPs on Brainfeeder and produced haunting vocalist Gonjasufi’s debut LP A Sufi and A Killer (Warp Records). Having already laid waste to Brisbane’s Step Inn in March this year, The Gaslamp Killer returns to Brisbane to again prove his lofty credentials.

Young Glaswegian Ross Birchard, aka Hudson Mohawke is a former child turntable prodigy who turned his talents to blindingly fluorescent synth-lines combined with organic drum programming and a million ideas a minute. A core member of the Glasgow-to-global collective LuckyMe, he is one of the new generation of artists signed to pioneering UK label Warp. With numerous EPs, beats and remixes already under his belt, his debut LP Butter was a technicolour sonic flash bomb that The Guardian compared to “eavesdropping on the future”.

In support, Dank Morass DJs will serve up a heady brew of diverse music, including the debut of original beats from Walrii and live visual manipulation from Archi Lancaster and ATLASt.

*** Strictly limited earlybird tickets are on sale right now via Rocking Horse Records and Ticketek ***

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try them and you may

September 14th, 2010

Once again, the Brainfeeder crew delivered the goods to Brisbane with the one Samiyam stopping through for an intimate Sunday audience with a dedicated dancefloor of heads at x&y Bar. Extra special thanks go out to Milesago (AKA LenOne, right) who dealt a brilliant set of soul, hip hop, skwee and more, and Puzahki, who played an hour of original beats that covered all the bases of bass. Seriously, if you haven’t heard of this guy, you will soon. Check for his forthcoming releases on new label Ender. We’re a little embarassed its taken us so long to book him.

Shout out to ATLASt and Archi Lancaster for providing the visual backdrops, and  to Tammy for taking the pics below. You can check her full set of shots from the gig at In The Mix. Shout out to Samuel Dunn for this video of proceedings, which showcases the visuals as well as Samiyam’s wild beat styles. Love to the crew from our regular venue the Step Inn for stepping on down, and everyone else who got their Sunday night shuffle on

It wasn’t all double rainbows though. An unfortunate misunderstanding meant we were deprived of the inestimable selecting skills of the Walrus for most of the night, which certainly put the proverbial dampener on proceedings. Still, we powered through and Sam delivered a blinder of a set.

Samiyam – Live at X&Y, Brisbane, 12.09.2010 from Samuel Dunn on Vimeo.

But it doesn’t stop there – TOKiMONSTA touches down with the Red Bull Music Academy tour this Saturday! See you there.

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de ja vodou (danck tour journal pt 2)

June 27th, 2010

The DSLR went all Err99 in London, so here’s the point-and-shoot version of Berlin.

Space mammals in the Berlin Zoo:

Space Mammals

Vodou goodness and much more after the jump. (more…)

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