Dank Morass launches monthly night

February 2nd, 2013


Last Saturday 26th January saw the launch of SEETHE MONTHLY a club night focusing on local djs and producers pushing forward-thinking dance floor music of all kinds.

One of the highlights of the night was Monologue’s live deconstruction and mash up of over 130 dance floor tunes alongside a session drummer. DL/stream the recording of this epic mix below… Track-listing in soundcloud description.

SEETHE is an umbrella for Brisbane’s electronic music crews, new and old, at the new venue, Wasteland venue (joined to coniston lane).

The night aims to tap into the rich community of artists who are pushing and creating next level underground music and visual arts in Brisbane.

Continuing the momentum of the launch party, the next SEETHE is taking place on Saturday February 23rd and will be happening every month on a Saturday. $5 on the door everytime.

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Walrii releases debut EP

February 1st, 2013

Walrii of Dank Morass has released his debut EP on the Brisbane based label, Dub Temple.

DL for FREE/donation here – http://dubtemplerecords.bandcamp.com/album/weaver-ep

Walrii on FB – http://www.facebook.com/walriithewalrus?ref=ts&fref=ts

Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/walrii

Hailing from Brisbane’s Dank Morass crew, Walrii (Isaac Ismail) has been devouring, DJing and promoting bass music since before it coalesced into a global movement. In 2013, he presents his first EP of original music, Weaver.

Ismail’s passion for music is evident in his DJ sets, alchemical journeys which run as wide as they do deep, traversing his love for both the freshest unheard beats and the hidden archeological treasures of the past. With Weaver, the Walrus has woven a rich set of five songs, plus one interlude, that evoke a maudlin parallel to the dancefloors he’s drawn energy from for years.

Tapping the upbeat grooves and ethereal chords of Brazilian music, the EP also references jazz In its ethos of exploration, and doffs its hat to deep house, dubstep, hip hop, library music, classic soul and IDM along the way.

The threads of Walrii’s tapestry are raw bass stabs, drunken piano chords, lush atmospherics and capricious percussives, all of which coalesce with frequently surprising beauty.

The mournful horn and pensive piano of ‘Rocel (Take 2)’ alternately play out over a restrained shimmering bass and skittering percussion that sets the scene. The crackle-house of ‘Return/Yet to Learn’ revives the piano drops and finds ghostly voices swimming up from the depths of the mournful mix.

The opiated roll of centerpiece ‘Dedication Parts 1-3’ features the roaming improve piano of classically trained Ed Ruben, chopped with a sloppy precision, while title number ‘Weaver’, co-produced with Rift of Speakerwrath, crackles with handclap and a synthetic carrier tone, retrospectively bringing the rest of the EP into focus. The loping, playful wash of ‘Tel Aviv’ closes proceedings with the listener off guard, and hungry for more.

Weaver is startling in its cohesiveness and intriguing in its calculated restraint, a timely and fascinating strain of the evolving bass music virus.

As a DJ, Walrii has played bills with Digital Mystikz, Lorn, Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer, Ras G, Blu and Exile, The Bug, Joker, N-Type, Starkey, Cut Chemist, Roots Manuva, Mount Kimbie, Hermitude and many more. He has remixed Science Project and Voodoo Dred, and released tracks on Brisbane labels Dub Temple and Ender Records.

He has appeared live on NTS Radio London, as well as regularly on 4ZzZ Radio Brisbane and is a fixture at any Brisbane night exploring the truly innovative outer realms of bass music.

1. Rocel (Take 2)
2. Fantastic
3. Return/Yet to Learn
4. Dedication Parts 1-3 (feat Ed Ruben)
5. Weaver (with Rift)
6. Tel Aviv

Music by Isaac Ismail. Track 4 featuring Ed Ruben on piano. Track 5 featuring Rift of Speakerwrath. Mastered by Marly Luske at Alchemix. Artwork by Joe Baker.

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Bunda Promo

November 17th, 2011

Dub Temple Release : Bunda (FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD) from Joe Baker on Vimeo.

Coming soon on Dub Temple. Video by bakedlab.

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Hippo Explosion

August 1st, 2011

Dank Print #1 By Joe Baker

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ATLASt exhibition – Geo-Graphic

July 27th, 2011

Gateway2 - Digital Collage 2011

Dank artist & VJ Warren Handley aka ATLASt has got a solo show happening next Wednesday (3rd August) over at Brew, located down Burnett Laneway in heart of Brisbane’s CBD (right next to Rocking Horse – RIP).

Ten recent digital works will be on display and on sale in the form of large A1 sized prints. The show titled Geo-Graphic expands Warren Handley’s exploration of the tangible and intangible, the natural and the digital. While his practice is diverse in subject matter and medium, these prints come from his body of work that investigates how we perceive space and form. It explores visual forms that recur through the universe from the macro to the micro scale.

Experimenting with the visual paradox between rigidity of geometric shapes and organic, natural environments, Geo-graphic is a series of digital collages / illustrations layering seemingly competing images of the human made euclidean geometry with naturally occurring fractal-based geometry.

Check out the Facebook event page for more info.


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DM all day

July 1st, 2011

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Free Beats n’ all…

June 30th, 2011

More treats for y’all… Following the mighty Under the Sun EP, the Science Project single Waves featuring Billie Weston on vocals comes through. A lush beat with lush sub-bass and lush vocals with an Ital version included. And free too! Not to mention that The Morass’ own Walrii contributed a remix for the single. Check the download below…

Also you may or may not have checked out the Bob Marley beat tape that was a free release by Dub Temple records last month… On this beat tape Walrii’s beat “Raw Hyde (Small Axe Rerub)” was featured. Inspired by this tune, resident Dank artist, Mr Joe Baker aka Archi Lancaster aka Cornish has produced a visual accompaniment for the track. Much love to Joe for this great piece of visual art.

Walrii – Raw Hyde (Small Axe Rerub) from Joe Baker on Vimeo.

And the last treat comes in the form of a remix of the Walrii track “Whirlpools” featured on the Ender Records 2010 free X-Mas compilation. The man at the helm of the remix is a heavy-weight new comer called Epoch. Emerging from his lab in Christchurch NZ, Epoch creates some of the most forward thinking bass music on the scene, released or unreleased. This is a fine example of his distinct rhythm, texture and execution. Make sure you keep an eye on this boy, hes one to watch…

Walrii – Whirlpools (Epoch Remix) by Walrii



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Walrii Djs @ photography exhibition @ Blackstar Coffee, West End

May 13th, 2011

Blackstar Coffee Roasters invites you to the first of its exciting new in-house exhibitions.

Working together with the community, we will be continuing to acquaint the public with local emerging artists with a social conscience.

Saturday May 14 at Blackstar, Rick Hayward will be showcasing his photographic series ‘Tassie by Treadly’.
Over a two week period, Rick and six fellow gentlemen rode the length and breadth of Tasmania, with the bare essentials strapped to their bicycles.
Rick’s honest 35mm observations invite you to share the pleasures of a simple existence.

‘Tassie by Treadly’ – for love of life, bicycles and freedom.

$5 entry + complimentary beverage.
Ride your bike for entry into the GEAR Shop door-prize.
Walrii of Dank Morass providing delicious beats.
Refreshments will be available, thanks to Brews Brothers Microbrewery.

C’mon, don’t be a square now.

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Blue Shadows Mix by Walrii

December 7th, 2010

Hey Guys,

Just a taster for this Fridays birthday celebrations. I would love to see you all there! Kicks off at 9pm at the old faithful Step Inn in the Fortitude Valley…

Click to download. A few old Dubstep favorites on this bastard…

Walrus xx

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Beneath The Surface

November 5th, 2010

BTS began as a California State Fullerton University Campus radio show that first premiered on October 7, 2003, the same day Jaylib’s “Champion Sound” LP was released by Stones Throw. In tribute, the founder, LA native Andrew Meza played a two-hour set of only Madlib and J Dilla and set the stage for the next four years of groundbreaking, weekly free-form programming…

…In late 2005, I had been exploring early beat artists through Myspace, such as Eric Lau, Ras G, Dr. Who Dat?, Samiyam, Hudson Mohawke, Jackhigh, Kutmah and other unsigned cats and cliques from LA (Poo-bah), Glasgow (LuckyMe), Amsterdam (Beat Dimensions) and Barcelona (Soul Sociedad).

Soon after this world of beats began to open up for me, I first came across BTS radio in early 2006 and it was a revelation.

It was exactly the forward thinking Hip Hop music I (and soon to be the world) was waiting for. Each week, the show referenced the roots of the beat movement and gave a lot of love to  local LA producers/MCs as well as more far-reaching underground sounds from around the globe. Each Wednesday night was the highlight of my week when an hour-long mix was uploaded  for a 320Kbps download on the original BTS website.

BTS is your favourite radio Dj’s favourite radio station, however has never received the exposure it deserved. After having a 1 year hiatus in 2008 during which Meza was finishing his film degree, BTS was reinstated with a bang in 2009. A brand new website, archiving the remarkable mixes of the shows history and showcasing the long running art director, Charles Munka aka Ques‘ incinderary free-form artwork, the perfect companion to BTS and its deeply imbued ethos.

I thank Andrew Meza for BTS Radio and his relentless decication to professional, soulful and progressive radio that first broke music of the beat movement to the wider LA community and the world.


P.S. Checkout this personal favourite of mine from the BTS back catalogue of guest mixes.

Orginally aired 13/02/07

Jan Jelinek – Happening Tone (~scape)
Strand + Tres – Compact & Disperse (Pulpa)
Audrey 3000 – Baby I Got Your Money (CDR)
Izu – North Star (Konx-Om-Pax Remix) (Highpoint Lowlife)
Kaspar vs. Jakzen – Why Deny (Toga Party Mweslee Remix) (CDR)
Pilooski – Girlz (Astro Lab Recordings)
Beem – Ducker (CDR)
Rustie – Clipper (CDR)
Point B – Figure (SCSI)
Pede Rast – Jesus Wept (CDR)
Kelpe – Petrified (D.C. Recordings)
Bitstream – Decontamination Room (Modern Love)
Lukid – The Now (CDR)
Hudson Mohawke – Free Mo (CDR)
Mike Slott – Just Messin (CDR)
Berghem – 2512 (CDR)
Sir Samplot – Turn It Up (CDR)
The Unknown – Was Is (Track 29) (CDR)
Pete Philly & Perquisite – Mellow (Spacek Remix Instrumental) (Unexpected)
The Unknown – Tomorrows Yesterday (Track 14) (CDR)
Mesak – Popkumm (CDR)
Snowman & The Jack Sample Bros. – I Need U (CDR)
Hudson Mohawke – Asswank (CDR)
Hudson Mohawke – Samoa (CDR)
Hudson Mohawke – ZooOOom (CDR)
G. Frequency Feat. Tableek – No Control (Hudson Mo Refixx) (CDR)

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