Dexian Racking – Femme Fatale Vol. 2

December 30th, 2011

The Femme Fatale mix by Swob, makes up the next volume of Dexian Racking‘s fiction series inspired by music of a variety of concepts that are sinister in nature. Following the first installment themed “The Swamp“, the second is from, in Brad Swobs words…

“A bit of superfluous background: I have over the last year or so enjoyed a lot of Humphrey Bogart films, jazz and L.A. Noire on Xbox! At any rate, please find below a link to the mix for Volume 2: The Femme Fatale. “

Download and listen below. Submit your text interpretations of these bitter sweet sounds by midnight Friday 20th January 2012.

Email and Brad will hook you up with the details.

Dexian Racking Vol 2: The Femme Fatale
Assembled by Brad Swob
49:18 mins

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Dexian Racking – Volume I – The Swamp

September 23rd, 2011

It’s begun…

Dexian Racking, the multimedia project curated by Dank Morass’ Brad Swob, is focused around sinister micro-fiction stories, as well as visual and sound art. A series of moody soundtrack music mixes form the central inspiration for the project. The project is driven by user-based content, so if you are a writer and artist; all entries are welcome!

The first volume has just been launched, so have a read/listen/watch for yourself and witness the quality dark art fostered by this project.

Enter The Swamp…

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introducing… Dexian Racking

August 29th, 2011

a website housing sinister short stories, art and music in thematically linked volumes


All submissions of short stories and artwork for the first volume need to be in by midnight on SUNDAY 4th SEPTEMBER.

If you’re interested in contributing to the website contact Swob ( for the brief (includes the mix of music for download and the object) or by signing up to the DR Contributors list at –


Dexian Racking is a website that will regularly publish mixes of music, short stories, digital art and photography in thematically linked volumes. Submissions are open to anyone and everyone. Potential contributors for each new volume are encouraged to request via email the brief for each new volume (includes a mix of music and an object selected by Swob) that are to be used as a starting point.

Writers are encouraged to submit short/micro stories (600 word limit) loosely inspired by the mix of music and the selected object.

Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and video artists are encouraged to submit work based on the same.

All submissions are required by a deadline and the entire volume of work will go live on the Dexian Racking website shortly thereafter. A new brief, mix and object for the next volume will be made available to contributors and the process repeats.


Jah willing, Dexian Racking will be an online hub for original writing, music and art in the stylistic tradition of, say, The X-Files. I only half kid! Other influences on the tones and tales of the Dexian Racking project could include horror films, pulp fiction, murder mysteries, ghost stories, science fiction, film noir, Edgar Allan Poe, gonzo and other, Lynch-esque moody weirdness – with varying degrees of blood and silliness. I’m reluctant to say much more. Keep it dank and go crazy.

The website will launch in September 2011 with the complete first volume of Dexian Racking revealing the object, the mix and the selected submissions of short stories and visual art to the online public.


* Thanks to Dave from Speaker Wrath for the logo!

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