DTR Podcast 001

November 4th, 2011

Dub Temple records put out their inaugural podcast featuring guest mixes from Arku (White Rhino) and Walrii (Dank Morass), hosted by Phoebe Baker. Walrii’s mix features an unreleased original production from the man himself.

DTR: Podcast 1 Arku & Walrii by DTR Podcast

Feet in the Earth guest Mix by Walrii (DM11)


Julian Abelar – The Bubble of Perception (giftedandblessed.bandcamp)
Szare – Active Five (Idle Hands)
Zach Christ – Hach Me (Shigeto’s 4AM Edit) (Moodgadget)
Four Tet – Circling (Domino)
Shed – Mayday (Oston Gut)
CHLLNGR – Out of your Hands (Green Owl)
Aches – Bullet Sleep (Exitab)
Option Command – Hidden Valleys (Outlier)
Stayput – Aardvarck (Eat Concrete)
Walrii – Winds (mix1)
Lukid – Park it Low (Glum)
Ward 21 Productions – Pit Bull (Soul Jazz)

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Epoch – Jumpdown EP (Ender)

October 12th, 2011

This is it. Can’t say enough about this boys beats, so just listen to it. Remix from Walrii included. Big ups to another dope release from Ender Records.

DL –¬†http://enderbeats.bandcamp.com/album/jumpdown-ep

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Epoch – Jumpdown EP (preview)

October 5th, 2011


Epoch – Jumpdown EP – 130BPM madness feat remix from Walrii

Jumpdown EP (END008) by epoch

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Walrii on NTS London Radio

September 21st, 2011

Dank Morass’ own Walrii the Walrus is currently in Great Britain spreading dank and splaying the blubber. Last Saturday, whilst in London he bumped heads with Gav, friend and founder of Jus Like Music Records which was behind the recent B. Lewis EP and the mighty Shankles Gully Foil EP.

Since April 2011, Gav along with Hip Hop producer BUG (check his latest EP, Mechanical Soul) have been running Jus Like Music show on London’s latest underground digital radio station, NTS which has been garnering much support through Europe in recent months. Featuring resident shows from badman DJ and artist Kutmah, psych-hop producer Bullion, forward-thinking steppers Dark Sky, CD-R sessions founder Tony Nwachukwu among many other notables, NTS has earned its title for being a solid source of quality music of all kinds.

Naturally, Walrii was chuffed to be asked to be a guest on the Jus Like Music show, a great opportunity he thought, to showcase the quality music that has been flowing from Brisbane and affiliated regions to UK and global listeners.

Come 5pm, Walrii and good friend and badass scratch DJ Alex Volume rocked up to Gillett Square in Dalston to meet Gav outside the NTS broadcast studio before the show started at 6pm. They found themselves at a tiny shack wedged in between a Jazz Club called Vortex and a North African Video store (containing a couple of dudes chilling, chewing Khat), not to mention an animated ping pong game taking place just outside the studio in the middle of the square, all to the sounds of the tasty UK Garage drifting from NTS.

After a brief catch up with Gav about beats and bobs (BUG was sick that day), 6pm came and it was time for the Jus Like Music show. The rest was history. Gav played some amazing exclusives from producers across the world in true JLM style and come 7pm Walrii stepped up to the decks… Walrii and Gav had a brief but positive chat on air at the end of the show about the Brisbane scene and with that done and dusted, it was time to trek across town to the renown theater venue, Koko’s in Camden for Daedalus, Kutmah, Hidden Orchestra and Luke Vibert…

Listen and download the whole show with tracklist HERE (check 17/09/2011 set) or download just the Walrii guest set and interview … Big ups to Gav, Jus Like Music and NTS for the linx.

More posts from Walrii’s travels shortly…


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Chained Walrus Mix

July 28th, 2011

Walrii put this mix together in 2007 and it is still one of our favourites. It documents the beginning of an exciting time when IDM and Hip Hop were meeting in a semi-cohesive way. Some of the concepts are a little clumsy but do not lack vision by any means… This one is more for the headphones.¬†Hope you enjoy!

Chained Walrus mix by Walrii (2007)

Tadd Mullinix – Panes (Ghostly)
Deadbeat – Time is passing slowly (Scape)
Hudson Mohawke – Untitled (now on All City Records)
Dntel – While you’re here Feat. Flying Lotus (Unreleased)
Lukid – The Now (Werk Discs)
Teebs and Jackhigh – Clutch (now released on Svetlana Industries)
Clark – The Autumnal Crush (Warp)
Fennesz – Rivers of Sand (Touch)
Dorian Concept – Unknown
Fox Gut Daata – Now you’re dying (Rustie Rmx) (Unreleased)
Hudson Mohawke – Untitled (Now released on Warp)
Tadd Mullinix – Minajor (Ghostly)
Rubber walrus protector outro


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Free Beats n’ all…

June 30th, 2011

More treats for y’all… Following the mighty Under the Sun EP, the Science Project single Waves featuring Billie Weston on vocals comes through. A lush beat with lush sub-bass and lush vocals with an Ital version included. And free too! Not to mention that The Morass’ own Walrii contributed a remix for the single. Check the download below…

Also you may or may not have checked out the Bob Marley beat tape that was a free release by Dub Temple records last month… On this beat tape Walrii’s beat “Raw Hyde (Small Axe Rerub)” was featured. Inspired by this tune, resident Dank artist, Mr Joe Baker aka Archi Lancaster aka Cornish has produced a visual accompaniment for the track. Much love to Joe for this great piece of visual art.

Walrii – Raw Hyde (Small Axe Rerub) from Joe Baker on Vimeo.

And the last treat comes in the form of a remix of the Walrii track “Whirlpools” featured on the Ender Records 2010 free X-Mas compilation. The man at the helm of the remix is a heavy-weight new comer called Epoch. Emerging from his lab in Christchurch NZ, Epoch creates some of the most forward thinking bass music on the scene, released or unreleased. This is a fine example of his distinct rhythm, texture and execution. Make sure you keep an eye on this boy, hes one to watch…

Walrii – Whirlpools (Epoch Remix) by Walrii



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Walrus treats

June 25th, 2011

Hey yo!

Check out the Walrus’ own squid and chips recipe @ good friends food and art blog/cookbook, The Bookery Cook. There is also a new walrus mix included to accompany the cooking process! Read and listen HERE.

Bon appetit!

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Ender and Dub Temple Records release free compilations

May 20th, 2011

Some local fire has been circulating lately with 2 compilations being released within the last month. Dub Temple, started by Morass affiliates Science Project and Ender Records championed by Herts, have both blessed us with this local heat in the form two tasty compilations both of which feature Dank Morass’ own Walrii on original productions.

Click cover art to download the comps.

Firstly, Dub Temple is conceptualising the roots of remix culture in a series of beat tapes that pay tribute to the greats of Jamaican music. The first beat tape is comprised of local, national and international beat makers who make their own interpretations of Bob Marley’s back catalogue, the man who brought reggae to the world. The Bob Marley Beat Tape features such a variety of broken rhythms and bass illustrating not only the potentials in the art of remix but also the depth of talent amongst local producers in Brisbane and their affiliates. Big up to The Temple!

The 2nd compilation is brought to the masses by the Ender records camp… This is a promo that shows the great music from the label and its bright future. A collection of dubstep, breakcore, 909-electro-bass, hip hop and atmospheric experimentation. Check it out!

Science Project live at Bar Soma supporting Mount Kimbie…

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Walrii Djs @ photography exhibition @ Blackstar Coffee, West End

May 13th, 2011

Blackstar Coffee Roasters invites you to the first of its exciting new in-house exhibitions.

Working together with the community, we will be continuing to acquaint the public with local emerging artists with a social conscience.

Saturday May 14 at Blackstar, Rick Hayward will be showcasing his photographic series ‘Tassie by Treadly’.
Over a two week period, Rick and six fellow gentlemen rode the length and breadth of Tasmania, with the bare essentials strapped to their bicycles.
Rick’s honest 35mm observations invite you to share the pleasures of a simple existence.

‘Tassie by Treadly’ – for love of life, bicycles and freedom.

$5 entry + complimentary beverage.
Ride your bike for entry into the GEAR Shop door-prize.
Walrii of Dank Morass providing delicious beats.
Refreshments will be available, thanks to Brews Brothers Microbrewery.

C’mon, don’t be a square now.

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Us vs Them 26/01 @ The Balcony

January 19th, 2011

Dank Morass and Balcony 153 Presents:

US VS THEM this Invasion Day!

Wednesday 26th Jan 2011 – Doors open 2:00pm – $15 entry

3 bands and 3 DJ’s are set to joust it out in a huge day of genre crossing mayhem!

Featuring DJ’s from the acclaimed Dank Morass and White Rhino crews and some hot up&coming local bands, this is one shindig you don’t want to miss..

With an OZ BBQ, home-made pies and mad drink specials all day long, leave your your wading pool in the cupboard and get some breeze on The Balcony- 153 Elizabeth Street in the City.

DJ’s on the day:

* WALRII (Dank Morass)
* ARKU (White Rhino)
* SCIENCE PROJECT (Dub Temple Records)

Bands Include:


Be at the exciting new venue, The Balcony on Australia Day for a relaxing afternoon and electric evening complimented by Brisbane’s finest bands and DJ’s covering sounds to please any ears!

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